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Igniting passion through creating authentic change for business growth.

Seeing clients get free from obstacles that hold them back excites me! Making it even more compelling to provide the tools and strategies to propel them forward. You don’t have to live in survival mode, barely getting by or continually weighted down with pressures. We are created to thrive, and I believe we can! Here’s why. work-life balance is not a myth and fulfilling your dreams can be a reality. There is more than enough for everyone. Let’s take this journey together.


Visionary Leader, Speaker and Coach Creating Authentic Change for Business

Brian Dobbs is a dynamic speaker, minister, and business coach who combines faith and practicality, creating tremendous self-awareness and measurable results. Every individual is made with unique skills and talents. The secret is finding who they are at the core and bringing that into what they do. Identifying one’s niche gives birth to differentiation while setting the trajectory to leave a legacy.


As a professional, with over 24 years in the real estate industry, he directed and managed many profitable sales and business development teams, which allowed him to understand the importance of reaching success through relationship building. Brian’s well rounded career led him to realize how much he enjoyed sharing and teaching his approach to business development and building relationships.

He ties the knowledge and experience he gained together to show others how to build fulfilling and profitable businesses. Brian likes to say, “Positive results are not an accident,” and it’s true. Through business coaching and public speaking, Brian guides individuals on a professional journey where they first find their purpose and then determine how to utilize it to their fullest advantage.

Brian speaks to professionals in corporate, public and individual settings, while
emphasizing topics such as purpose and legacy, productivity, innovation as well as overall alignment in your organization.

With an emphasis on community, Brian teaches professionals how to build relationships that build a business. He not only motivates people with spoken word but he puts them together in a collaborative environment to collectively build a business.





Strategic Thinker