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As a growing community of professionals, we thrive with friendly, passionate, and innovative partners, having created an engaging environment that motivates and produces desired results. We spend our days charting the course in making a difference, breaking debilitating belief systems, and having fun. There is business in life and life in business — but we know how to navigate both and enjoy. We have numerous courses, activities, groups, and exceptional and awesome functions, so pick your lane and get in the fast lane! Hosting, facilitating, sponsoring, or just learning something new will get you plugged into the education center.  We all know that gaining information is only one step in the equation so we created the fulfillment center where a do-it-yourself project is done-for-you.  Are you ready? 


Speaker | Author | Coach

“Each of us is made with unique skills and talents. The secret is finding who we are at the core and bringing that into what we do. Identifying one’s niche gives birth to differentiation while setting the trajectory to leave a legacy.”

Brian C. Dobbs is a dynamic speaker, minister and business coach who combines faith, personal progression and professional development to create tremendous growth toward powerful, substantial results.

After spending many years managing profitable sales and business development teams and serving as a pastor in full-time ministry, Brian stepped out to create something powerful.  His affinity for the marketplace and passion for the ministry led him to build a training program to equip others to find their calling and fulfill it. He continues to speak and coach professionals, corporations, churches and organizations on the importance of reaching success through relationship building and identifying one’s personal brand. Tying his knowledge and experience together, he now shows others how to build fulfilling and profitable businesses.

“Positive results are not an accident,” says Brian. And it’s true. Through public speaking and business coaching, Brian guides individuals on a journey where they first find their purpose and then determine how to utilize it to their fullest advantage.

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Speaker | Author | Business Coach


When we talk about the Community it’s more than just Brian’s involvement in the community around him. He of course makes it a better place with charitable connections and his desire to help everyone he meets. But it’s really the group of people he has pulled together with his approach to business. 

What’s In It For Us?

Come together with a community of people who have the same objective in life as you: be successful and help others do the same. Brian created this platform as an avenue to not only build business, but also develop relationships, exchange referrals and help each other grow. The old adage is What’s in it for me? How can I grow my business and land on top in this highly competitive market? Corporately we approach things differently and really determine the opportunity for all involved, and realize we’ll find more success by helping others win. We win on so many levels.

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