Visionary Leader | Speaker

Motivational and inspirational speakers use the strength of their words to stimulate positive emotion, ideas and action plans. Brian pulls his own inspiration from many places yet has the ability to hone his passion for helping others succeed in business into a brilliant communication tool – public speaking. He energizes and encourages people by merely walking in the door and helping individuals realize how important they are.

He likes to ask people: are you a thermostat or thermometer? Sit back and think for a moment and do you know which one you would be? Now your mind is churning and you want to know more… Brian has a way of doing that, making you think about how to better yourself and you don’t even realize he’s doing it. Let’s explain: as a thermometer you just tell people what the temperature is around you, but as a thermostat you can decide what temperature you want it to be, make changes in your life and start managing the temperature yourself.

“Positive results are not an accident” - Brian Dobbs

Brian motivates with his message, inspires with his imagination and teaches us how to live better lives both professionally and personally. As a riveting storyteller and gifted speaker, Brian shares his wealth of knowledge in business and success with audiences everywhere. His knowledge stems from his studies and training in ministry combined with his sales skills acquired with years in the real estate business. With every moment of inspiration comes an element of education. Brian takes his experience as a leader in both the ministry and the corporate world to enlighten his audience.